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How long does it take to get a green card through marriage?

from F-1 visa to legal resident.How long does it take to get a green card through marriage?
Depends on the local office. Processing times are posted on the CIS webiste.How long does it take to get a green card through marriage?
I am doing the same, I have heard that it can take from 1 year to 1 year and a half for the conditional residency and after that another 2 years for the permanent residency.
As soon as you're married you can apply for Adjustment of Status and the Green Card. I've heard some people say it can take up to a year to process and mail it out to you.

The first two years you are only a conditional resident. If the marriage fails you are no longer an immigrant and will be forced to leave.

After two years of marriage you will have to apply to have your conditional status removed.
It actually took my daughter-in-law 4 1/2 years to become a permanent resident. She used the Orlando office of the INS, and they were slow and incompetent. After moving to the Jacksonville office, she got the card 4 months later. It can really depend on which office you use!
Longer than people think.

I know two couples, both of whom married for love not green card, but it took about 2 to 4 years after the marriage for them to get the green card.
Well, it depends on who you are married to. If you are going to marry an American citizen, probably it will take a year. I was a F-1 student and married to a citizen in 2004 and it took about a year to get my temporary green card.

And if you are going to marry a green card holder, it will take 5 to 6 years.

But this month, some immigration laws have been changed. People who live in overseas are no longer able to file the petition for their green card at American Embassy but need to file the petition at an immigration office in the US. This means that it will probably take more time for people to get their green card. So I really don't know if you can get your green card in a year or so because of this change. But if the processing time won't affect because of the change, you will probably get yours in a year.
I used a ';fiance visa';, and it took from about Oct. 1999 to Dec. 2000 for travel approval.

After that, it took about 12-18 months to get work approval.

We didn't really care about that and we moved twice, so the process might have been faster if we had stayed in one place and really pursued it.

(I think with a fiance visa they want a 12-month track record to make sure you're actually married and living like a couple. They look for evidence that you're mixing your finances and your personal business like a married couple. We proved we were a married couple by having a kid and putting her name on some of the household bills.)

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